Technology and Engineering Fall In-service Resources



The Technology and Engineering in-service resources below are for download.

CTE 101 - Standards 101: An orientation to CTE Standards in Wisconsin.

New TE Standards Action Plan - Action plan for implementing the new Technology and Engineering Standards for teachers.

WCCTS Standards Worksheet - Wisconsin Common Career Technical Standards - CTE Department Activity.

Standards Roll Out - Three phase roll out plan for school districts.

10 Components - The components for a successful program of study.

Math Equivalency - Information about establishing local math equivalency credit to technology and engineering courses as well as Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course.

Science Equivalency - Information about establishing local science equivalency credit to technology and engineering courses as well as Project Lead the Way (PLTW) course.

TEE Course Alignment - Course alignment document with TEE Standards, WCCTS, Literacy, and Mathematical Practices.

SkillsUSA Calendar - 2013-2014 SkillsUSA calendar of events.

CTEERS Graduation Rates - 2012 Career and Technical Education Enrollment Reporting System (CTEERS) Senior Graduation Numbers and Rates

"Why CTE" - A one page flyer explaining what Career and Technical Education is about.

SLO Sheet - Student Learning Objectives selection/approval form.

TEE Resources - CTE, TEE, and SkillsUSA resources sheet.

Smart Goals Power Point - A Power Point for understanding and implementing SMART Goals

Educator Effectiveness Intro - The basics of Educator Effectiveness for creating Student Learning Objectives (SLO) with SMART goals

Anchor Standards Cheat Sheet - Common Core Standards for Literacy in All Subjects diagram integrating Reading, Writing, Language, Speaking and Listening for application in all subjects

SLO Jigsaw Activity - SLO Toolkit Guidebook Jigsaw Activity

SLO Selection and Approval Rubric - Wisconsin School or School Learning Objective (SLO) Selection and Approval Rubric

WTCS Career Prep Coordinators - List of the Wisconsin Technical College System Career Prep Coordinators

SLO Toolkit Guidebook - Student/School Learning Objectives Toolkit Guidebook for 2013-2014

TE Standards Table of Contents - A more detailed Table of Contents listing for new TE Standards book